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The label reads:
Balloon Fly Trap
Registered Trade Mark
Harpers Pat. June 22, 1875
Design Pat. Sept. 9, 1879
Bait with Vinegar and Soap
Sole Owners National Manufacturing Co.
This is a fine antique 1870s Woodenware Balloon Fly Trap. It’s an interesting little contraption, that is nicely made. Made from wood it has metal rings to hold a balloon shaped glass dome. Extremely rare this one has its label intact measuring 3” in diameter and 7/8” tall.bel i
This Big Stinky fly trap is in near mint condition. Looks new and never used and features a one gallon jar made by Duraglas in 1950 with all of the original markings and original lid. It has all the instructions for use on the back. Manufactured for the Dioptron Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The graphics are printed on the jar. It originally came with a small handle for carrying may be missing.
Two more examples of 19th century fly traps with the typical inverted hole in the bottom.

ANTIQUE Glass Vessel The Trap for the Fly 1820

QUOTE: "It is from Lithuania village. It is old white glasswork. In it is inward necessary to fill anything sweet. Fly crawls in inward, but it does not know, how to creep out. It the too foolish. This thing used only rich. If you was impoverished, use the adhesive tapes. Very beautiful, antique white glass wasp – fly. It is not actine without cover. It rests on three small padded feet. Victorian, early 19th C. Height 16 cm."

Discarded circa 1900's ground top fly traps. Thank goodness today's FliesBeGone are not such trash hogs!

A nice antique fly trap from early 20th century.


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